A lot of home renovations focus on the interior, redoing kitchens or bathrooms. Don’t get us wrong, those things are great! But it also means you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to make your outdoor space a highlight of your home. 

Having a great outdoor space gives you even more room to spend time with your loved ones. And it all starts with an amazing deck. 

Choosing the right decking material will make all the difference in how your design turns out. And that’s why so many homeowners go with Ipe decking! It’s the perfect foundation for any deck. Check out the benefits of this type of decking! 

Stunning Natural Wood

One of the hardest parts about doing any kind of design project in your home is finding the right materials. You want everything to go together and feel intentional. 

The last thing you want is to make a selection only to realize it doesn’t go with everything else you have going on. 

Luckily, Ipe decking brings in a beautiful element that matches all styles. The planks range from a lighter brown with a yellow undertone to a traditional dark brown. That range brings in a depth that other woods do not. 

A wood element always brings character and warmth to a space. Ipe is a great addition for just that reason!  

Density Level Prevents Water Absorption

Hardwood decking is a great material to use outdoors for a lot of reasons. But one of its downfalls can be too much exposure to moisture. As water sits on top of it, the water can start to absorb into the wood, which causes a lot of damage. 

Ipe decking is so dense that this isn’t ever an issue. In fact, this kind of wood won’t even float if placed in water! Once installed, you won’t have to worry about your deck warping or expanding during the wet season. And that makes it one of the best options for outdoor spaces. 

Extra Long Lifespan

That kind of density also helps to extend the life of Ipe decking as well. Where other woods start to fall apart over time because of the wear and tear or the weather, Ipe stands strong. 

Its natural strength also means it will continue to look great. You won’t have to worry about a lot of chipping, denting, or pitting as you live with your new deck. Instead, you can count on it staying fresh and smooth for a very long time without any issues. 

Natural Insect Repellant

Because Ipe wood is so dense, you also don’t have to worry about insects ruining your new deck either! Bugs like termites or carpenter ants can’t eat their way through the material. So they never become an issue with their nests and pathways. This is especially helpful in areas that are prone to insect damage

Not having to worry about the hidden issues insects can cause is a huge relief for homeowners! 

Easy Maintenance Plan

A difficult part about adding anything to the exterior of your home is the maintenance. Outdoor spaces often start to look rundown if you don’t put in a lot of effort to keep them looking nice. And that’s just too much for many homeowners. 

Choosing Ipe wood for your new deck means you don’t have that kind of work ahead of you. 

Ipe decks require very little effort to keep them looking nice. A thorough power washing session before and after each season will keep it clean and clear. Then you can re-stain and seal every couple of years to refresh the color! 

Unique Grain Patterns

For many homeowners, it can be tricky to find materials that meet their desire for both form and function. They want their spaces to look great and be resilient. Ipe decking is perfect for that reason. 

The unique grain patterns make it a great choice to bring something special to your outdoors. 

And they can easily be enhanced by applying a finishing oil yearly. This will bring out the natural variations that make it so amazing in the first place. There’s nothing ordinary about an Ipe deck; they’re always a showstopper. 

Increased Safety 

No matter what kind of addition you’re making to your home, safety is always a key consideration. It’s no different when you’re choosing a type of decking material. 

The good news is that Ipe wood has a variety of safety features that will help you feel confident in your choice. 

Since it’s less likely to warp over time, you won’t have to worry about having tripping hazards. The surface will stay smooth for as long as you have the deck. 

Ipe wood also has a very low flammability level. That means it’s much harder to catch on fire and for the flames to spread. 

Smart Long-Term Investment

Thinking about the future is always important when choosing the materials you add to your home. You want to make sure the money you spend will make sense in the long term, not just right now.

Building a deck with Ipe wood is a great investment in your home. You’ll be creating a high-quality addition to your home that will last for years and years. 

It will not only improve the look of the exterior. But it will also be a great place for you and your loved ones to create even more memories. 

Add Ipe Decking to Your Outdoor Space

Adding Ipe decking to your outdoor space will completely transform your entire exterior. No matter what the rest of the area looks like, the patio will be a luxurious space to be in!

So many homeowners choose this out of all the types of decking because of its beauty and function. Once installed, you’ll have an amazing look that will last for many years to come.

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